Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday the 20th!

Matt and I went to the Goodwill garden... yeah, and it has only two plots... we went there to hang a sign and do something else which I am forgetting at the moment. There wasn't a place to hang the sign and we ended up just leaving. We also talked about the garden plan and such. Amy had gotten back from VayKay so we got organized (no pun intented) for the week.

Tuesday the 21st was a change. Matt picked me up and we went to the CROPS office. The cone flowers that Amy had brought to the office needed to be planted and so Matt and I went to the 2nd and Garfield garden and planted them. We used the double dig method to instill the pretty crappy soil with some organic material--hoping that the flowers last such a long time since we gave them some TLC.

Wednesday the 22nd was pretty cool. Matt and I went all around Lincoln looking for a tailgate latch for the black truck. We eventually found one, but not before I walked around the Olston's Auto Salvage lot looking high and low for a Nissan Truck, but to no avail. I suggested that we stop at the Olston's Auto Shop, no relation, and our amazement he had a junker truck that was a few years older than ours, but the latch was the same! we picked it up and proceeded to True Value which happened to be close to the garden where we were planning on placing a new futon bike rack. But we determined that we didn't have the proper tools for the job and ended up heading back to the office for lunch.
After lunch we headed out to 46th and Pioneers garden and installed the bike rack. We chose 3ft earth anchors instead of 1ft because True Value didn't have two 1ft anchors. Let's just say that we spent some time on turning those things into the ground!
Then we went to the board meeting, which was pretty fun. I'd never been to a board meeting and I expected everyone to be wearing suits and such, but they were just normal every day people. They really needed a lawyer for the discussion about a legal change to their bylaws, because nobody knew exactly how to write the thing! But their next plan of action is to get a lawyer to join the board, problem solved!
Then Amy, Matt, Margaret, and myself took a quick trip to EcoStores to check out what they had, it was like I died and went to home improvement heaven...

Well, That's all for this week. Maybe You'll catch some interesting things this weekend that I'll be doing. Mostly Today (Friday) I drove around a hung fliers for the upcoming VegFest on October 9th.


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  1. I have an attorney in mind for you. I'll see if she's interested.

    I like reading about your days. Sounds like you are perfectly fitted to that organization.